Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cake Pops

This my friends is where it all began. This is where I found my love for cooking and baking and trying out new things and now I can’t stop! I found this site and learned about cake pops, and my life just hasn't been the same since then. I continued on from cooking blog to cooking blog and here I am finally with my own.
Below are a few of the different cake pops I've tried the past year or so.
Easter bunnies. I made these for my nephews first birthday.
 Along with these chicks.
 These were chocolate cake balls with peanut butter coating.
 I made these mad hatter ones for my cousins wedding shower.
 And tea pots.
 And some pocket watches.
 I also made some for her bachelorette party, but I'll spare you from those!

 I made these footballs for a super bowl party.
 These I experimented with for my cousins wedding.
 Wedding cakes
 Bride and grooms. I have two weddings this year I'll be doing these for!
 Christmas trees
 And lastly, santa hats.
I'm looking forward to trying  out more ideas soon!